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Customized communications for your community, an on-site presence, regular quality assurance surveys and a hands-on client relations manager– expect so much more than mowing. 

Our commercial and estate landscaping design, installation, renovation includes greenery, hardscapes, lighting, water management and more– all provided by experts in each discipline.

The proactive approach and rapid response you need for an irrigation system you can depend on.

Expertly installed uplighting, downlighting, path lighting and more to make your property safer and take your landscape design to the next level.

Our year-round fertilization and pest control programs utilize custom treatment strategies for every client and highly trained experts that assess and diagnose issues

Professional snow and ice removal to keep commercial properties and estates open for business and looking pristine, even in the harshest conditions.


From office parks to estates (and everything in between), our teams create and maintain the highest level of landscaping with the talent and expertise that only comes from a high level of education and career-long dedication to the craft.

We’re dedicated to going above and beyond, on your behalf, with the professionalism, quality and community investment you’d expect from your own team.

A full spectrum of landscape services






Commercial Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining or enhancing the landscape of your commercial property, the grass is always greener on the other side for a good reason.

You just can’t get the highest quality, hassle-free commercial landscaping from a mow-and-blow operation. The best results and service require a dedicated partner that works to understand your needs, your property’s needs and what it takes to keep your community happy.

From regular calls to verify our high standards to constant communication with your team, GreenEarth specializes in taking commercial properties (and your expectations) to that next level.

Maximize your property’s value, safety and curb appeal with a partner for the highest standards of commercial landscaping, client satisfaction and communication.

Elevate Your Expectations, Transform Your Commercial Property

Partners for Next-Level Landscaping Service

Our dedication to delivering the highest quality service can be found in every aspect of our work. From the way our company is structured differently than the industry norm, down to the smallest details of our day-to-day.


Landscaping Design, Build & Installation

Make a serious impact in the value and curb appeal of your property with premium landscaping designs, builds and installations— done better.

At GreenEarth, a jaw-dropping final product starts with a better process. From start to completion, our clients work one-on-one with a dedicated project manager and professional team. They use your vision and budget to scope, plan and monitor the progress on your project with constant communication.

A Better Process for Better Projects, from First Impressions to Lasting Impacts

Put your trust in the team that understands how to do landscaping installation right:

  • We set a schedule and stick to it, while still staying aware and flexible around the scheduling of your other contractors.
  • If you’re open for business or have multiple contractors on-site, you can trust that we’ll leave your property pristine at the end of every day, even during active landscape installation.
  • We handle landscape installations, designs and builds of all sizes and in a range of budgets, for new or existing properties, communities and commercial destinations.


Water Management & Irrigation

Water is our environment’s most important natural resource and the lifeline for everything we do. An efficient water management system is insurance that your plants, trees and grass will stay lush and hydrated in any weather, without wasting water or putting your environment at risk.

We have the experience and expertise to identify, install and maintain the right water management system for your property, no matter what you currently have in place or your water source, from wells to reclaims to city water.

Once the right system is in place, our proactive approach to water management protects your landscaping investment by preventing costly repairs, catastrophic damage and slow emergency response times.

Know your water management is in good hands with a dedicated team, rigorous assessment standards and the best technology in the industry.

Not Every Irrigation System is Created Equal

Proactive, Dedicated Teams, Technology and Policies

Rapid Response from a Full-Time Water Management Team:
  • Our specialized team of certified irrigation professionals works in water management full-time, providing rapid response to mainline breaks, hot spots and other water-related emergencies.

Irrigation System Mapping and Assessments:
  • The only way to maintain a water management system well is by knowing it inside and out. That’s why we begin each maintenance contract by thoroughly mapping your entire system, down to understanding what valve works which zone. Not only do we better understand if your system is running at full capacity, we can also prevent and repair problems faster.

Weathermatic Smart Controllers:
  • Weathermatic smart controllers use the most advanced modern irrigation technology. Remote access from a digital portal allows us to monitor your water management program and provide the fastest possible response if something goes wrong. 

Monthly Audits:
  • Every month, our expert team inspects each zone of your water management system– every pipe, every nozzle, every head– making sure the coverage is correct, heads are clean and repairs are made as needed. Results are always tracked, analyzed and provided to you, for complete transparency and total peace of mind.


Landscaping Lighting

Perfectly placed landscape lighting is a statement that gives well-groomed properties a high-end, luxury appeal that you just can’t achieve any other way. The right lighting also adds increased safety, day or night functionality and the ability to guide the experiences of residences and guests.

Start with the basics. Add simple landscape and path lighting, in addition to street lighting, to make your outdoor spaces safer and more welcoming, anytime. Then, add onto that foundation with designer uplighting or downlighting of your landscape’s best features and truly sets your property apart with a luxurious, high-end look.

Whether you’re creating safe, comfortable spaces with ambiance or designing focal points that add visual drama, professional lighting helps to take your property to the next level and attract residents.

Our dedicated commercial landscape lighting team has the expertise and equipment to get the most out of your commercial property with the perfect lighting scheme. We’re able to visualize how it’s all going to come together, how to meet your goals, then exceed what you thought was possible with the right artfully-placed lighting accents.

Add Drama to Your Landscape

A Brighter Path to Better Landscape Lighting:


Quality Products:
  • Our experts encourage using the highest-quality, low voltage LED lighting for superior safety, great warranties and longer lifespans. 

Inclusive Installation by our Dedicated In-House Experts:
  • Our highly-trained and dedicated team can do it all, from design to installation and maintenance. So you won’t have to work with multiple contractors or amateurs. We have the experience and the trained eye to help you determine where uplighting or downlighting would look best. Knowing where to place each bulb is an art. Collaborating with experts makes all the difference in achieving a show-stopping finished design.

Regular Audits and Maintenance:
  • Our team performs audits and evaluations both quarterly and as part of your maintenance contract. Each light is manually inspected, ensuring the bulbs work and that shrubs, straw or new growth don’t block lights. This critical component to premium landscape lighting is often overlooked leading to quick degradation of your original design.

Our Professional Landscape Lighting Services:

Path Lighting:
  • Strategically placed lights along pedestrian walkways for increased safety and function during evening hours. 

  • This popular accent lighting technique shines light upward, highlighting the underside of trees and other landscape features. 

  • This technique mounts lights in or above trees and other landscape features, shining light down to create obstruction-free path lighting, shadowy drama and a moon-light effect.

Recessed Lighting:
  • Recessed lights can be placed in grounds, in walls or in the exterior of buildings for a range of uplight, downlighting and path light uses, from subtle pools of light to striking spotlights.

Post Lights:
  • Soft light coming from decorative posts can be placed strategically throughout your property to light paths, entryways and important areas with distinct style.

Turf and Shrub Management

No matter where you live or what type of landscape you’ve invested in, a consistent fertilization and pest control treatment plan will make or break your lawn. That means year-round care, the right timing, professional-quality products and an expert eye for what your lawn really needs.

Unfortunately, too many people rely on the untrained technicians of big-name companies who spray the same premixed solutions on every lawn. When your lawn is under the care of someone who can’t diagnose problems, it’s easy to understand why these treatments don’t get great results.

Another common mistake is ignoring your turf until there’s a problem. Not only is this strategy more expensive than routine maintenance, catastrophic damage to your landscaping can happen fast and require a longer time to recover from than most people realize.

Every property in our care follows a strict, year-round program, personalized for that specific turf, using top of the line, commercial-grade products. The timing of our treatments and fertilizers is exact, with problems like fungus and pests prevented, and treated immediately during frequent onsite evaluations by expert technicians.

That’s what it takes for perfection.

Not All Turf Management Strategies are Created Equal

Care That’s a Cut Above the Competition


Personalized Turf and Shrub Programs:
  • Your lawn isn’t the same as any other. That’s why every landscape in our care is frequently assessed in order for our team to mix and apply the best custom treatment solutions year-round.

Only the Best Quality Commercial Products:
  • Commercial-grade products are powerful and can achieve serious results. Our highly-trained teams have the credentials to access and apply the industry’s best commercial products that yield results far superior to consumer-grade strengths. 

Safety First:
  • All of our products are applied by licensed technicians and are safe for contact with both pets and people the moment the application is dry. We’ll even help to address community concerns and provide education about any of the products we use. 

A Highly Trained Team of Licensed Lawn Care Experts:
  • Too many brand name lawn treatment companies premix the same chemicals for every lawn, then load it onto trucks for untrained technicians to spray. Our licensed technicians are trained experts who can observe problems on the spot and do the critical thinking to mix and treat your turf with the right, custom solution.

Our Turf and Shrub Management Services:

  • Pre-emergent herbicides are applied to lawns in the spring and fall, to prevent the germination of weed seeds by inhibiting a key enzyme. In some areas of the world, they are used to prevent crabgrass from appearing in lawns.

  • Post-emergent herbicides utilize a mixture of compounds to kill existing weeds and ensure that they don’t grow back. 

Pest Control and Prevention:
  • Proactive integrated pest management and emergency treatments control the populations of grubs, ticks and other pests.

Fungus Control and Prevention:
  • Proactive fungus prevention is the best way to keep every types of turf healthy and is a critical part of your lawn care. Fungus has distinct identifying features that we are trained to identify, diagnose and treat as needed.

Aeration Services:
  • Aeration is one of the best ways to get a thick, lush lawn worth living on. By removing small plugs of turf, the layer of dead grass buildup on your lawn (thatch) is penetrated, allowing more water, oxygen and fertilizer to get to your lawn's roots.

Turf Painting:
  • Professional turf painting is a great option for making dull, discolored, or brown dormant grass look lush and green. Our expert technicians spray a diluted commercial grass paint for safe and natural-looking lawn perfection. 

Rye Seed:
  • No matter how well you take care of your lawn, grass is seasonal. Planted rye seed is an excellent option for keeping your yard looking lush and green during dormant months.

Fertilization Programs:
  • Regular lawn fertilization provides essential nutrients to your turf throughout the season, helping roots grow and naturally controlling weeds while making your lawn more resilient to pests and foot traffic.

Weed Control:
  • Weed control programs can include a lot of strategies, customized for your turf. Treatments including pre-emergents can control pesky weeds like crabgrass before they become an issue while post-emergent treatments are used to knock weeds out after they’ve taken root.

Professional Snow and Ice Removal

GreenEarth offers so much more than same-day snow plow contractors. For commercial properties, managed residential communities and estates, a snow and ice removal partnership with GreenEarth can be a game-changer.

Relax in knowing we have the capacity and top-of-the-line equipment to service your property both during and after winter storms for the safe sidewalks, functional parking lots and driveable streets that get you out the door and keep you open for business.

Snow Removal Contractors You can Count on

Proactive Approach:

The key to getting through our unpredictable winters is preparation. Our Client Relations Managers work one-on-one with each snow and ice removal client, in advance of the winter season, to understand exactly what needs to be done and what it will take to do the job.

We stay more reliable than the other guys by relying on accurate information and a commitment to our current client. We’re dedicated to serving our current accounts when a storm hits, not just anyone that calls. That proactive approach and planning ensures we always have enough team members and equipment to honor our contracts on time.


EXPLORE WHAT MAKES                            DIFFERENT


Custom Communications

Client Relations Managers (CRM)

Client Assurance Review Evaluation C.A.R.E. Calls

Part of giving each client what they need means customizing our communications with you, your tenants or your stakeholders. We’re your partner, not just another vendor, so we’re committed to frequent, two-way conversations in the communications channels of your choice. We can post weekly to your community Facebook, provide updates directly to your HOA board and more.

Unlike other landscape companies, who use the same staff to manage clients and field technicians, we keep the roles separate and focused. Our client relationship managers provide concierge service while our operations managers orchestrate (how we approach the property and the work being performed on the property).

C.A.R.E. calls, or client assurance review evaluations, are monthly or quarterly check-ins with our clients to rate and score our service. These scheduled conversations with your personal client relationship manager proactively identify challenges and provide the quality control that makes us the best in the business. 

Ready to get serious about your landscape plans?

Let's work together to transform your ideas into something beautiful. Whether you're starting from scratch to create an outdoor living paradise at home, need landscape design/build help on your commercial property, or are looking for regular landscape maintenance and lawn care, this is the place to begin.


GreenEarth is a premium landscaping company specializing in a full spectrum of landscaping services - from maintenance to lighting to designing, building & installation.







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